Designing Tomorrow

Innovation through Media Arts Technology (IMAT)

The world’s innovators—those changing how we live for the better—all have one thing in common: an imaginative approach to their expertise. They understand boundaries, and risk blurring them when they feel that there is something amazing beyond the limits.
This impulse to design a future of possibilities fuels the program for Innovation through Media Arts Technology (IMAT) at the Ateneo de Manila. It is intended to produce graduates who will be key players in creative industries such as advertising and industrial design as well as valuable makers in the diverse startup industry.

IMAT is housed in Ateneo’s Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS).  Developed by DISCS with Ateneo’s Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Electronics, Computer, and Communications Engineering, the program is truly interdisciplinary, collaborative, and integrative at its core.

On completing the program, students will be able conceptualize, prototype, and test interactive objects and experiences that combine creative arts with computer and electronics-based technology. Further, IMAT students will be able to anticipate trends in media arts technology and how the world will work in the future, and use media arts technology to create contextualized interventions.