Designing Tomorrow

Data Science

In the information age, there is a veritable flood of data.

The broad goal of the data science program is to develop students capable of deriving insight from large datasets using statistical and computational methods. On completing the program, students will be able to: (1) model and analyze data from a variety of domains, ranging from Internet social networks and applications to natural language and sensor data, (2) apply a variety of data mining techniques for modeling datasets, handling incomplete and erroneous data, and automatically predicting and classifying elements in a dataset, and (3) select and apply big data processing and cloud computing techniques to address to scalability challenges of very large datasets.

The program is designed to produce graduates able to be key players across industries and meet the emerging demands for Data Science professionals.

The program is housed in Ateneo's Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (DISCS). Integrative at its core, it will draw from the fields of Mathematics, Management, and Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering.