Graduate School of Business

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Courses Offered:

Standard Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Standard Program is the flagship offering of the AGSB, designed for young adult practitioners who wish to upgrade their managerial skills for eventual promotion to higher-level management. The program provides theoretical frameworks and case examples that build on the relatively limited managerial experience of the students enrolled in the program. This is also the program that the AGSB offers to all students enrolled at the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH). All graduates of the ASMPH will earn double degrees, an MD and an Master of Business Administration (MBA), in a unique collaboration that aims to produce physician-leaders for the health sector: doctors who are outstanding clinicians, dynamic leaders, and social catalysts. Click here to know more.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program for Middle Managers

The Middle Managers Program is designed for senior managers and staff members who occupy supervisory and/or managerial positions within their respective organizations. The quality of their work experience allows a richer and deeper discussion of the management challenge, and the program’s interactive design enables students to learn from each other, and not just from the instructor. The curriculum is designed to enable students to immediately make high quality decisions for maximum impact in an increasingly complex and fast-paced competitive environment. Click here to know more.


Regis Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

The Ateneo – Regis Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program will arm executives and business leaders of today with the theories, skills, value frameworks, and adaptive learning outlook that they will need in order to keep up with tomorrow’s dynamic and rapidly changing competitive environment. Click here to know more.


Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program in Health

The Program provides formal management education to administrators of health service organizations who may not have had the benefit of such training in the past, and health care managers who would like to pursue careers leading to the positions of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO) of organizations operating within the health care system. Click here to know more.


Master in Entrepreneurship

The ME program, originally referred to as Mastering Entrepreneurship for Nation Building, takes off from where the traditional business learning systems end to fill the entrepreneur’s specific needs. It digresses from the standard functional course content and methodologies and is geared towards honing the entrepreneurial personality. It is a seamless education – the workplace as classroom – where learning is real time. The program is designed as a course in creative leadership, with the objective of assisting the entrepreneur in developing his enterprise to optimum levels of productivity, profitability and professionalism. It also aims to guide the student-entrepreneur through a personal transformation and paradigm shift that will lead him/her to deeper sense of moral and social commitment. Click here to know more.