Ateneo joins Global Campus of Human Rights

The Ateneo de Manila University has joined the Global Campus of Human Rights, an interdisciplinary center founded by European Union Member States.

Amparita Sta. Maria, director of the Graduate Legal Studies program of the Ateneo Law School (ALS), represented the university in the Global Campus Assembly held on December 2019 at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.



Previously known as the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC), the Global Campus of Human Rights is an EU-funded network offering a Master's degree programme on Human Rights and Democratisation. This large network, whose overall composition includes 100 prestigious universities, is the largest university network in the world specialised on human rights and democracy issues.

Ateneo Law School (ALS)  is a partner of Thailand’s Mahidol University in delivering the Master of Human Rights and Democratisation programme. The arrangement allows students of the programme to study the following courses at ALS: Critical and Emerging Issues on Human Rights and Human Rights Norms and Mechanisms. 

Mahidol University is 1 of the 7 key actors in the Global campus network. The initiative is done through seven regional programmes  spread across Europe, South East Europe, Caucasus, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Carribean, and the Arab world.