Call for Papers: Ninth International Conference of the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies.

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Ninth International Conference

of the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies  

Theme: Social Justice, Diversity and Development


24 August 2018   •   Ateneo de Manila University

Ricardo and Dr. Rosita Leong Hall Auditorium

Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Philippines



In recent decades Asia has seen the rise of new identities based on shared aspirations and experiences of oppression.  Among these are indigenous peoples, immigrants, refugees, people with disabilities and groups founded on sexuality and gender-based identities.   The social movements they have spawned have expanded the debate on social justice to include non-materialist injustices.  In the same breath, the conversation on interventions has broadened to embrace not only redistribution but also recognition and representation.    

Reflecting Ateneo de Manila University’s commitment to social justice, the Ninth International Conference of the Ateneo Center for Asian Studies takes the theme “Social Justice, Diversity and Development.”   The theme emerges from contemporary events and issues that necessitate a nuanced understanding and appreciation of social justice, encompassing varied, even competing, notions  of distributive justice, identity, human rights, social welfare and political ideology.  


Call for papers

The conference invites scholars and practitioners to present papers  that expound on the interconnections between social Justice, identity and diversity in the context of  development and social change in Asia.  Papers may explore the following questions:

  • Is human rights a Western concept?

  • How is social injustice manifested in contemporary Asian societies, eg graft and corruption, patrimonialism, poverty, gender inequality?

  • How do mechanisms of regional institutions such as ASEAN facilitate or obstruct social justice?

  • What is the role of the state in promoting social justice, for instance, through education, rule of law, human rights, access to social services?

  • How does civil society engage state and non-state actors eg business, religions, media, in promoting social justice?


Papers on related topics not mentioned in the  list are welcome, but are subject to approval. Proposals for Individual papers and panels may be submitted. Please send abstracts to by Monday, 4 June 2018.  




Individual papers:  Please send an abstract of the proposed paper, 300 words maximum. The submission should begin with a cover page that includes the following, in this sequence:

  • Title, subtitle (if any)

  • Author’s/authors’ name/s

  • Email address (active ones only please)

  • Contact number/s

  • Institutional affiliation.

An abbreviated CV, 300 words maximum, should be part of the submission set.


Panel proposals: Please send an abstract for the panel topic and discussion as well as an abstract for each individual paper. The submission packet should begin with a cover page that includes the following, in this sequence: ä

  • Discussion topic

  • Proponent’s name

  • Email address (active ones only please)

  • Contact number/s

  • Institutional affiliation.

An abbreviated CV of each of the panel members, 300 words maximum should be part of the submission set.

Accepted papers will be announced by Monday, 18  June 2018.  

Text format. Both abstracts and articles should be in MS Word’s doc or docx format. Typeface: Times or Times New Roman, 12 points. Margins: One-inch (2.54 cms) on all sides. Spacing: 1.5 with a space between paragraphs. No indentions in the main text required. Extended quotes may be set-off from the main text

The full version of accepted papers is due on Monday, 16 July 2018. The conference fee will be waived for paper presenters. No other form of support is available from ACAS. Presenters and conference participants are expected to assume expenses from their own funds or institutions.   

The one-day ACAS conference, held in plenary sessions, draws a large regional participation from academics and practitioners.

Participants who will not present a paper are urged to pre-register up to 30 June 2018 to avail of a 50 percent discount on the conference fee.  Further information for participants who will not present papers will be announced in due time.


Dates to remember

4  June 2018

Abstract due

18 June 2018

Announcement of accepted papers

30 June 2018

Early bird registration (50% discount on conference fee

16 July 2018

Full version of papers due

24 August 2018

9th ACAS Conference  


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