Traditional University Awards Bestowed on Four Individuals and A Group

Recipients of the Ateneo de Manila University's 2017 Traditional University Awards proudly hold replicas of the Sacred Heart statuettes that were originally carved by Philippine National Hero and Ateneo alumnus Dr. Jose Rizal. The Traditional University Awards is an annual celebration recognizing men and women who exemplify the values of the university. This year's awardees are (second from left) Fr. Mark Lesage, CICM (Bukas Palad Award), Synergeia Foundation under the leadership of Dr. Milwida Guevera (Ozanam Award), Br. Carlito Gaspar, CSSR  (Parangal Lingkod Sambayanan), Dr. Patricia Licuanan (Government Service Award) and Mr. Alfonso Bolipata (Gawad Tanglaw ng Lahi).  Joining them are University President Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, SJ (second from right), Dr. Maria Luz Vilches, Vice President for the Loyola Schools and Atty. Jaime Hofilena, Vice President for Social Development.


The Office of the President announced the recipients of the 2017 Traditional University Awards. The Board of Trustees chose the following men and women who exemplify the values of the university:

Fr. Mark Lesage CICM
Fr. Mark Lesage CICM
Fr Mark Lesage CICM                                             
Bukas Palad Award


In this Year of the Parish as Communion of Communities, Fr. Mark  who dedicated 30 years of his life to transforming St Joseph’s Parish in Las Piñas City into a participatory church. Under his guidance, St Joseph’s became an exemplar of what a Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) could be and was visited by pastoral ministers from all over the world. Assigned to develop the  Bukal ng Tipan  Pastoral Center in 2001, Fr Mark remains committed to training pastoral workers and supporting BECs in parishes all over the country.

AVP of Fr Mark Lesage CICM

Ateneo de Manila University's Citation of Fr. Mark Lesage CICM

Response of Fr. Mark Lesage CICM, Recipient of the Bukas Palad Award

Text of the Response of Fr. Mark Lesage CICM


Fr. Mark Lesage CICM
Milwida M Guevara

Fr. Mark Lesage CICM

Synergeia Foundation Inc under the 
leadership of Milwida M Guevara                        

Ozanam Award


From a learning circle for Ford Foundation grantees doing work on education reform, Synergeia Foundation engages local governments, the Department of Education, socio-civic groups, schools, teachers, parents, and students in its mission to to improve basic education in the country. Passionately and patiently guided by Dr Milwida M Guevara since its establishment in 2002, Synergeia’s programs are now in 250 municipalities and benefiting nearly 1.5 million schoolchildren.

AVP of Synergeia Foundation Inc.

Ateneo de Manila University's Citation of Synergeia Foundation Inc under the leadership of Milwida M Guevara

Response of Milwida M Guevara, head of Synergeia Foundation, recipient of the Ozanam Award


Fr. Mark Lesage CICM
Br Carlito M Gaspar CSsR
Br Carlito M Gaspar CSsR                                     
Parangal Lingkod Sambayanan


A Redemptorist missionary, theologian and anthropologist, Br Karl Gaspar has lived and worked side by side with the “lumad” or indigenous peoples of Mindanao for more than 30 years. He is a champion of the indigenous peoples’ cultural and resource rights, and promotes a deeper understanding of their culture among the non-lumad population through teaching, and his academic and popular writing. Also a staunch advocate of peace, Br Karl has engaged in extensive peace-building efforts through inter-faith dialogues and ecumenical involvements in Mindanao.

AVP of Br Carlito M Gaspar CSsR

Ateneo de Manila University's Citation of Br Carlito M Gaspar CSsR 

Response of Br Carlito M Gaspar CSsR, recipient of the Parangal Lingkod Sambayanan

Fr. Mark Lesage CICM
Patricia B Licuanan PhD
Patricia B Licuanan PhD                                       
Government Service Award


As Chair of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Dr Licuanan led the implemention of significant reforms which have resulted in the advancement of the quality of education in state colleges and universities, and in greater access to higher education for low income students. An advocate of women’s rights long before she was CHED Chair, Dr Licuanan was instrumental in mainstreaming gender and development in higher education, both in the curriculum and in school policies. Under her leadership, CHED has and continues to respond with professionalism and compassion to the curricular and personnel challenges brought about by the country’s adoption of the K-12 basic education program.

AVP of Patricia B Licuanan PhD

Ateneo de Manila University's Citation of Patricia B Licuanan PhD

Response of Patricia B Licuanan PhD, recipient of the Government Service Award

Text of the Response of Patricia Licuanan PhD  

Fr. Mark Lesage CICM
Alfonso C Bolipata
Alfonso C Bolipata                                                  
Gawad Tanglaw ng Lahi


A violinist trained at the Juilliard School, Coke Bolipata was at the cusp of an international career when he decided to come back to the Philippines to teach violin to the children of Zambales’ farmers, fisherfolk, overseas workers and other low-income families. Through 25 years and with the help of other artist family members, Coke developed Casa San Miguel, a music and arts school which boasts of an auditorium, artists’ residences, a gallery, and a museum of local history and culture. Many of Casa’s scholars are now mentors themselves, teaching underprivileged children in San Miguel, Zambales and Tondo, Manila.

AVP of Alfonso C Bolipata

Ateneo de Manila University's Citation of Alfonso C Bolipata 

Response of Alfonso C Bolipata, recipient of the Gawad Tanglaw ng Lahi award

Text of Alfonso C. Bolipata's response


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