Ateneans top psychologist and psychometrician licensure board exams

Cherie Ann Lo (left) and Gilana Kim Roxas (right)

Graduates of the Ateneo Psychology Department topped the August 2016 psychologist and psychometrician licensure board exams set by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

The Ateneo got a passing rate of 87.5% in the psychologist board exams, making it the top performing school in that field. It got a 78% passing rate in the psychometrician licensure exams.

The first placer for the psychometrician licensure exam was Gilana Kim Roxas (BS Psychology, Batch 2016) while Cherie Ann Lo (MA Developmental Psychology, Batch 2012) was the first placer for the psychologist board exam.

Apart from Lo and and Roxas, there were also a number of Ateneans who made it into the top 10 of the licensure exams.

For the psychologist licensure exam, the Ateneans were Sabrina Tan (Top 2), Angelique Villasanta (Top 4), Maxine Pinson (Top 5), Karen Rose Vardeleon (Top 6), Felice Caringal Go (Top 7), and Pocholo Velasquez (Top 9).

New psychometricians Audrey Antonio (Top 7), Miguel Francisco (Top 7), Janine Sy (Top 7), and Patricia Aguinaldo (Top 10) were also from Ateneo.

Faculty members from the Ateneo Psychology Dept., Gary Faustino and Melissa Garabiles, also passed the psychologist board exam, along with 2 former graduate assistants of the department, Aylin Bello and Maxine Pinson.

In addition, the department's graduate assistant, Camille Yussay, also passed the psychometrician board exam.

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