Ateneans draw lessons from international experiences of atrocities

Before a   jam-packed crowd at the auditorium of the Ateneo Professional Schools, international panelists shared lessons from their martial law experiences. Organized by the Ateneo Human Rights Center and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, the forum “Constantly True: Ateneo against Marcos Revisionism” aimed to remind students of the consequences of a dictatorship.

Dr. Benjamin Tolosa (Political Science professor, Ateneo de Manila University), Prof. Solita Monsod (economist and TV host), Ms. Roshuma Phungo (South Africa Deputy Research Director, South Africa Institute of Race Relations), Ms. Carolina Gonzalez Rodriguez (Argentina Research Director, University of Buenos Aires- School of Law), Ms. Pornpen Kajornkiat (Coordinator, Cross Culture Foundation); and Mr. Arno Keller (consultant, Germany) discussed how an authoritarianism government impinge on a country’s economy, security and protection of human rights.